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Good Food Taste Better Shared !

A food delivery app that facilitates group ordering of food with friends.
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Project overview


The product:

Food Delivery App

  • A food delivery app that provides food deliver at your door in very less time and with best packaging. Providing food from every famous food place near you. Also, A food delivery app that facilitates group ordering of food with friends.

Project duration:

August 2022 to October 2022

Project overview

The problem:

  • Imagine you and your friends are hanging out and decided to order in from a restaurant for dinner. There are 8 of you, each with different orders, each order customised to an individual's choice. You are busy collating each friend's orders when the rest of them started telling you they are changing their minds, forgetting some add-ons, asking you what food the group is sharing, etc.. Wouldn't it be easier if we could all access the same order form, so that everyone can place their own orders themselves?

The goal:

Design an app that will improve education on the topic of order food delivery for a big group and help people manage their own food order.

My role:

UX designer leading the app and responsive website design from conception to delivery.



Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for design. accessibility, iterating on designs, determining information architecture, and responsive

Understanding the user

  • User research

  • Personas

  • Problem statements

  • Competitive audit

  • Ideation

User research: summary

I Conducted user interviews to understand pain points that target audience faces when using food delivery apps. Affinity mapping and constructed user persona.The feedback received through research made it very clear that users would be open and willing to work towards group order food delivery if they had access to an easy-to-use tool to help guide them.

Summary icon.png

Jessica, Beshay

Jessica, Beshay Persona_edited.jpg
Noah, Said Persona -.jpg

Noah, Said

Problem  statement:

Noah is a busy employee who needs to order his meal as quickly as possible and easily edit his order before payment Because he is frequently forgets to include an item, resulting in multiple orders.

Competitive audit

An audit of a few competitor’s products provided direction on gaps and opportunities to address with the Food Delivery App.

Competitive audit Food Delivery App.jpg
Competitive audit Food Delivery App 02.jpg



I did a quick ideation exercise to come up with ideas for how to address gaps identified in the competitive audit. My focus was specifically on Group Ordering and easy way to edit order before payment.

Ideation Mockup.jpg

Starting the design

  • Digital wireframes

  • Low-fidelity prototype

  • Usability studies

Digital wireframes 

After ideating and drafting some paper wireframes, I created the initial designs for the Food Delivery App. These designs focused on delivering personalized guidance to users to help manage their group order in an easy way. 

Digital wireframes Food Delivery App.jpg

Toggle between group and individual order seamlessly

Add friends into group order

Low-fidelity prototype

To prepare for usability testing, I created a low-fidelity prototype that connected the user flow of viewing an item about to expire and using it in a recipe.

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 8.54.02 AM.png

Usability study: parameters

Study type:

Unmoderated usability study


7 participants


Atlanta, Georgia


30-60 minutes

Usability study: findings

These were the main findings uncovered by the usability study: 


Add people

People want easy way to add all the people in the group order that they already enabled.



People had difficulty splitting payment with all the people in the group order.


Customer service

People preferred clear indications and fastest response when they need help.

● Mockups
● High-fidelity prototype

● Accessibility

Refining the design

After usability study Mockup.png

usability study

Mockup Before usability study.png

Before usability study


Based on the insights from the usability studies, I applied design changes like providing a clear section from the contact us to “live chat”

B&W After usability study Mockup color.png

Before usability study

After usability study

After usability study Mockup color.png

Additional design changes included adding an option to “Auto split payment” to the order, and providing a clearer indication of how much is the order individually?




A mockup is a high-fidelity render of your product's design that showcases how the finished product will look. A mockup can take the shape of an image or a product model, and you normally create them using digital design tools.

High-fidelity prototype screenshot.png
speech bubbles.png

The high-fidelity prototype followed the same user flow as the low-fidelity prototype, including design changes made after the usability study. View the Food Delivery high-fidelity prototype.

speech bubbles 01.png

High-fidelity prototype

Accessibility considerations

number 1.png

Used detailed imagery for foods and restaurants to help all users better understand the designs.

number 2.png

Provided access to users who are vision impaired through adding alt text to images for screen readers.

number 3.png

Used icons to help make navigation easier.

● Mockups
● High-fidelity prototype

● Accessibility

Refining the design

text block 2.png

With the app designs completed, I started work on designing the responsive website. I used the Food Delivery sitemap to guide the organizational structure of each screen’s design to ensure a cohesive and consistent experience across devices.


ipad Mockup.jpg
ipad + ihpne mockup.png
text block.png

The designs for screen size variation included mobile, tablet, and desktop. I optimized the designs to fit specific user needs of each device and screen size.

Responsive designs

iphone mockup.png
Mockups screens.png

I managed to create visual consistency by showcasing my projects in mockups. When in doubt, I can always rely on semi-realistic mockups, that have similar borders and shadows. These can pull together even your weirdest projects into a coherent whole. 

3 view ipad.png

Ipad in Landscape


Ipad in Portrait

Pc Mochup.png
Pc Mochup 2nd view.png
tinny pc mockup.png
tinny pc mockup 2.png
tinny pc mockup 3.png

● Takeaways

● Next steps

Going forward


It was a really interesting project and I’m pleased with how much we were able to get done in a small amount of time. To summarise, a key part of designing products is interacting with users early and often. Relying on our assumptions of the problems (and possible solutions) is never enough. It’s also interesting to see how three small changes to the process could have such a huge impact on product usage as a whole.

Quote from peer feedback:

"I find the app easy and intuitive to use."

What I learned:

- Group Teen Age needs an easy app to order food with auto split Payment.

- Busy students and adults lack the time necessary to prepare a meal.

- Have a clear understanding of the problem first and always put your users front and center.

- Design is indeed an iterative process and as such I need to constantly make research to develop better products.

- Tools alone do not make a better designer but they do make an efficient designer.

circle .png


Next steps

number 1.png

Conduct another round of usability studies (moderated and unmoderated) for the hi-fi prototype.

number 2.png

Conduct more user research to determine any new areas of need.

number 3.png

Include a track order feature and a feedback page.

circle connect.png



Thank you for your time reviewing my work on the Plates and Fork Food Delivery app! If you’d like to see more or would like to get in touch, my contact information is provided below.



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